Christmas Light Show Michigan 2012

by Coach Keller on December 7, 2012

Christmas Light Show Michigan 2012

Wayne County, Michigan



Coach Keller shares his experiences with the Wayne County, Michigan Light Show 2012

Hey there! How are you!  The Christmas Light Show Michigan 2012 was spectacular.  I must say we went to the Wayne County, Michigan Light Show and had a blast.  I hadn’t been in 4 years and this year was a spectacular show.    The Light Show was awesome and it was truly a great one.  The lights, the lights, and oh yes the lights!

Well, I will show you in this post some of the video we took and some of the pictures, I hope you enjoy the experience.

Schamel Jones, my sidekick, videographer, etc. wanted to go to the Wayne County, Michigan Light Show, so I decided to take her and while I take the pictures she took the videos.  I think they turned out nice.  Anyway, we had a blast.

The one thing I liked the most was seeing all the many cars come to the Light Show.   We have this Light Show every year from November 15 till December 31, of every year.   The admission price is only $5.00 and for what you get to see and the expense, the experience is priceless.   Next year, plan on going, you will not be disappointed.   Well let me upload some of the videos so that you can see what I’m talking about.  Check this out below:

As you can see the lights were beautiful.   See, I wasn’t pulling your leg.  So if you enjoyed that video check out this one below:

Well, as you can see, a lot of lights, a lot of action and I just gave you a taste of the festivities at the Wayne County Light Show.   If you are in the Wayne County, Michigan area, why don’t you make a plan to come down before the end of 2012 and see all the wonderful lights.

P.S.  I have now added the part #2 Video

As always Make a plan & make it happen.





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