Top Ten Ways People Admire You.

by Coach Keller on March 14, 2012

10 Ways People Admire You

Hello everybody!  Are you trying to figure out how you can get more people around you to admire you?  Well, here are my Top Ten Ways People Admire you.  If after reading this and you know somebody who needs help in this area, please feel free to share it with them.


 Here is the list!


1.  People like being around you because you are amusing.

When people find that you are amusing, tell amusing stories, and have a certain with about you, they will enjoy when you are at parties or social gatherings.


2.  You are the life of the party.

People will love hanging around you because not only do you know how to give a party you know how to have fun at the party and keep everybody around you happy excited and full of joy.


3.  You always have a smile on your face.

Naturally up-beat people usually have no problem with meeting new people, and that energy they have always spreads around the room.


4.  You can find a joke in every situation

Even when there is a stressful situation at hand, you find a way to take the pressure off of your coworkers or your employees.   You can poke fun at the situation to defuse it so that people can find solutions to the problem.


5.  You don’t have many down days.

Whether it is sunny, or raining cats and dogs, you have a way to always see the goodness in people and the goodness of the day.


6.  You have a ton of admirers.

People tend to pay you attention because you are a natural leader.   You have a take charge attitude and are scared of nothing.

7.  You are compassionate

You listen to people’s problems and have a general concern for them.

8.  You are a problem solver.

When faced with problems and challenges, you don’t run and hide like other people do, you want to hit the road running trying to capture as much information about the challenge, then you want to figure out a solution.

9.  You are ambitious

You always have things going on in your life outside of work.   You are aggressive in achieving your goals and you try to encourage others to reach their potential

10. You can crack a joke in less than a minute.

You are an undercover comedian.   People love humor, they love having fun and they love people who are fun.

As Always “make a plan & make it happen”.  Hope you all enjoyed my list.


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